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Frequently Asked Questions...

What equipment do I need?

  • Light set of weights or improvise with water bottles / canned food.

  • A yoga mat or carpet.

  • Portable Barre or you can utilize the back of a chair or counter top as the “barre.”  Height should be about at the hip / waist.

  • 8” Core Training Inflatable Ball (optional) - You can use your own resistance. During abs you can use a pillow to place behind you.  

  • Resistance Band (optional) - You can use your own resistance.


Do I need to have a “barre” to do this workout?

No, you can utilize anything in your home such as a counter top, dresser top, back of a chair, etc, that is about the height of your hip / waist.  There are times where we will have you find a blank wall space, in place of the barre.  If you are interested in purchasing a portable barre to have at home, you can SAVE $20 and get a FREE ball with this link!

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How can I view the on-demand videos on my television?

You will need a smart TV that can access the Internet directly. Apple TV (with Apple Airplay turned on) and Chromecast devices can also play our on demand videos

Is Barre for men?

Absolutely!  You may see many women doing barre, however, we have many male clients who love the workout as well! There are some incredible benefits of barre for men, including improved core strength, increased flexibility, and enhanced endurance. It’s a very low-impact workout that is safe for the joints along with a great cross-training workout for many other sports and activities. 


What Does The Workout Consist Of?

Each class blends resistance training with core exercises to achieve long lean muscles and is set to choreography that strategically accelerates muscle conditioning and sculpting. Improve your strength, tone your body, gain flexibility, look great and feel great, inside and out! Choose from full body workouts or specific muscle groups.  Make a commitment to your Journey, make a commitment to YOU!

What Are The Benefits Of Barre?

  • It’s an amazing CORE workout.

  • It improves your POSTURE.

  • It helps LENGTHEN and STRENGTHEN your body.

  • It increases FLEXIBILITY.

  • It is a FULL BODY workout that works even the SMALLER muscles.

  • It’s LOW impact and LOW injury risk, with HIGH level intensity.

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